Hey there.  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Kelsea.  I am the maker of all the things. I just moved back to my roots in California via the last 12 years in Portland Oregon and Chicago. Still adapting to the small town life - but soaking in the sunshine like I’ve never seen one.

Everything Sacred is a collection of my treasures.  I’m currently working on jewelry and shrines (or very tiny shelves as one might call them). My focus is mostly on pom poms and tactile yarns mixed with metal or wood. It is my aim to create things that look dynamic to wear — makes you feel alive — and speaks to big fashion. On a regular basis I think to myself —- what is the next odd material I could turn into jewelry? But i’m not yet done exploring the poms. I’ve spent a lot of hours trying to find ones that I think are worthy enough to make it into my jewelry line. After I make a piece of jewelry with them I don’t really see pom poms anymore. I think that’s why I love them so much. They are just little balls of color.

Let me know if you have questions, comments or suggestions regarding my work.  Wholesale is available so shoot me an email for the deets. I enjoy networking and collaboration!  

email me:  kels@live.com

instagram me:  @sacredsacredsacred

From yours truly - The Rainbow Wizardess,